Social Studies

From the Desk of Don Nash.
9-12 Social Studies
Seniors- P.O.D. Will be studying the principles of government. Governments hold power in every society but they exercise that power in different ways. American democracy rests on basic concepts of individual rights and majority rule.  We will be looking at Ferguson and
what basic rights were possibly abused there.  We we also look at different forms of government and the basic concepts of democracy.  Get on board kids this is a wild ride.

Juniors-You will be doing a quick look at early American History before the core of this
class which is from the Civil War until current times. So we will look our nation as a nation of converging cultures, a nation of diversity, our nation during the American Revolution and the
creation of the U.S. Constitution.  Put your law hats on we are going to Harvard!

Sophomores- World History 
We are going pre-historic before we are going historic in this class.  Oh, we will study the
Greeks and the Romans but when and where does it all start?? I bet you can not wait to
find out.   Who were the early humans? What caused the rise of civilizations and of course what caused them to fail? What is in a culture and what makes a social structure?? This and a lot more in this years World History class.

Freshman-  Geography- We start out with the five basic themes of Geography and look at how geographers look at the world.  We again look at different types of maps and globes.  We look as Geography as being a craft and an occupation.  We will learn to think like a geographer.  So, who wants to see the world and experience the world first hand. Maybe you should be a geographer.  Get fired up we are going to see the world in this class.
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